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The Blind Bolt is now a valuable product which is widely used on construction projects and building sites all over the world, but it originally emerged more than a decade ago in the somewhat humble surroundings of a garden in Gloucestershire. To be precise, it was in the potting shed at the bottom of the garden, and it arrived as the answer to a conundrum. The conundrum in question was ‘How do we attach a bracket to a box section? Normal bolts wouldn’t work without oversized holes and specialist tools, while welding was time consuming, inconvenient and provided inconsistent results.

After a lot of head scratching, some not so bright ideas and a few worn out drawing boards, we came up with a brilliant idea, and like a lot of brilliant ideas, the Blind Bolt is actually very simple.

The metal bar, or bolt, is threaded at one end, and at the other it has a toggle which swings out from a slot. It can be applied using a standard sized hole and then the toggle swings out and locks it in place to be tightened.Because it’s as easy as it sounds, it’s a constructional cavity fixing that can be used in a massive range of situations. It works horizontally or vertically, in hollow sections, cavity walls and to fix cladding or facades.

In fact, because using our blind fixings is as simple as drill, rotate and tighten, it’s the perfect solution whenever access is difficult, and our clients are constantly coming up with new and exciting uses.

Speaking of clients, some of the organisations taking advantage of the flexibility and quality of Blind Bolts include British Waterways, Shell UK Ltd. and BP/Amoco Oil Production Co.

Prestige projects which help to showcase the versatility and reliability of Blind Bolts include:

  • The Bull Ring Project in Birmingham - the largest building project in Europe
  • The new multi million-pound Walks Shopping Centre in Basingstoke
  • The Toyota Factory in Derby
  • Leeds railway station
  • The Equinox Project, Glasgow
  • Tay Bridge

Our Blind Bolts are high performance pieces of engineering and design, ranging from M8 to M24 in diameter and manufactured using high tensile steel. If a project requires a higher degree of protection we provide a Magni 560 style coating which protects from the corrosive effects of salt spray for approximately 1000 hours, and for some sizes we offer bolts manufactured from A4 stainless steel.

Our products get the job done quickly and easily, save time and money and provide a solution which is secure and stable as a truly long term solution.

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