We’re constantly surprised, not to say delighted, by the sheer range of applications for which our Blind Bolts are now used. When we set out to create innovative hollow bolt solutions, we knew that fixing to cavity walls or box sections would be easier than it had ever been. The versatility, effectiveness and affordability of our product mean that clients from every sector are always finding new ways of using it.

We operate a global distribution network, and that means that everything from heavy duty bolts to thin wall bolts and box section fixings are changing the way in which builders, engineers, designers and architects work in all parts of the world.

The fact that our blind fixings can be used without specialised tools or the need to drill oversized holes means that they can be utilised in hard to reach or previously inaccessible places. This opens up the choices available to our clients and helps to keep down the overall cost of projects by saving time on actual construction.  

Our blind fixings can be used in difficult environments such as marinas and for specialised tasks like fixing cladding and facades to buildings or holding masonry support systems in place. We constantly keep a look out for new and innovative applications and our clients from all over the world are always finding new ways of making a difference with Blind Bolt fasteners.

Look through our applications and find the hollow bolt fixing solution that could make all the difference to your project.

Hollow Section

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Masonry Support

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Cladding & Facades

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Bolts For Marina's

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