Cladding & Facades

Blind Fixings For Cladding & Facades

A ‘cladding’ or ‘façade’ is a component which is attached to the exterior of a building during or following construction in order to completely alter the appearance.Using cladding of this kind makes it simple to totally transform a structure in a flexible and affordable manner. More traditional methods, such as building actual brickwork or applying a render to the surface of the building, take much longer and add massively to any construction costs.

Technically speaking, a façade or cladding is attached to the structure but doesn’t play any part in keeping that structure stable; having said that, it will need to cope with particular structural factors without any loss of integrity.The actual weight of the cladding will be transferred to the building itself, as will aspects such as wind load, impact load and snow load.

In particular, the cladding has to be secure and stable enough to cope with the high levels of pressure which can sometimes result from the effect of wind blowing. No matter how strong the cladding itself is, however, it will only be truly effective if it uses the best method of attachment, and this best method is undoubtedly the Blind Bolt.

Blind Bolts for Cladding & Facades

Cladding can be fitted quickly and easily when you use our blind fixings, because they don’t require special equipment, and that means that building costs will be kept to a minimum. Using innovative design and top quality engineering, our heavy duty bolts provide absolute security and stability, guaranteeing cladding which is just as stable as the building it covers.  

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