Hollow Section

Hollow Section Bolts

for Hollow Sections

Hollow sections can come as squares, rectangles or circles, and are hugely popular in all parts of the construction industry.

It’s easy to see why; the uniform geometry and construction of a hollow section means that the strength of each unit is consistent across every axis.

They are also utilised for their visual appeal, while the fact that they are lightweight in nature makes using them simpler and more cost effective. Add the torsional stiffness they offer and you have the ideal means of supporting loads like infill panels or cladding, capable of maintaining support whilst coping with uneven, shifting loads and any twisting forces.

A more open profile will suffer when objects such as falling leaves, litter and other debris are present and build up in a hazardous manner, but the enclosed nature of a hollow section means that this kind of piling up is never going to be an issue.

The disadvantage of hollow sections used to be that the lack of access to the interior face made it impossible to join them using traditional methods such as bolts. In most cases this meant that hollow sections had to be welded together, but welding is impractical, time consuming and offers less than entirely consistent results.

Hollow Section Blind Bolts

By way of contrast, Blind Bolts can be used to join hollow sections in a manner which is consistent and convenient. Hollow section bolts don’t require any specialised equipment when being utilised, and the holes being drilled only have to be a standard size, which makes them the ideal choice as box section fixings in parts of a structure which would otherwise be inaccessible. 

Our blind fixings range from thin wall bolts to heavy duty bolts, and the range of products mean you’ll always find a solution which enables you to take advantage of the many plus points of hollow sections.

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