Blind Bolts


Marina Fixing Applications

The convenience and flexibility of the Blind Bolt makes it the perfect method to use when you’re working in difficult environments.

Whether you’re struggling with bad weather on a building site, having to work on the very highest and least accessible parts of a structure or dealing with the unique challenges thrown up by a marina, our blind fixings offer speed, ease of use and effectiveness.

Performing construction or repair work in a marina provides two particular challenges. The first of these is the corrosive nature of salt water, whilst the other is the less predictable weather which is often experienced in areas around the coast.

Marina Blind Fixing Applications

The issue of corrosion doesn’t arise because our Blind Bolt fasteners are all made of rust resistant316 grade (A4) stainless steel, whilst the convenience of actually using the bolts renders the unpredictable marine environment much less difficult to cope with.

It would only require a short spell of good weather, for example, to be able to use blind fixings to perform vital tasks like restoring a retaining wall or constructing part of a pontoon. Because they don’t need specialist equipment our bolts can be used quickly and easily and are easy to work with in parts of a marina which would otherwise be difficult to access. Once your bolts have been put in place, you can relax in the knowledge that they’ll be able to handle everything a marina environment is likely to throw at them.

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