Masonry Support Systems

Blind fixings

for masonry support systems

The structure of many buildings takes the form of a simple concrete or metal frame. Whilst this may be quick, affordable and convenient, however, designers and architects often utilise masonry support systems to create a more appealing visual style. Also known as Brickwork Support Systems, these will allow you to finish the building off with an outer shell made of stone cladding, concrete blocks or brick.

Put simply, a masonry support system is a horizontal ledge which is attached to the structure of a building and takes the load of any masonry panels located above it. Utilising a masonry support system means that a quick and simple build can still take advantage of the low maintenance costs, durability and appearance of a brick or stone exterior.

The majority of masonry support systems are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel and they usually come as one of four main types:

Blind Bolt Masonry Support

  • Welded steel bracket angle
  • Individual bracket angle support
  • Continues angle
  • Off the shelf systems

The security, stability and safety of any masonry support system is dependent upon the method used to attach it to the frame of the building. The engineering innovation and sheer quality of Blind Bolts makes them the ideal choice for this job, as they also offer speed and convenience as well as effectiveness. Blind Bolt fasteners make it simple to attach the system of your choice on all parts of the exterior of your building, no matter how inaccessible they might seem.

This is thanks to the fact that the unique design of our blind fixings means they can be fitted without drilling larger holes or using specialist equipment. As well as being simple to use and keeping costs and building times down, Blind Bolts guarantee security and long term stability.

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